Technology and development are our guiding principles

From idea to concept, concept to solution, solution to design, design to precision, precision to product.

A concept or a theoretical design is one thing. However, converting this into a prototype or a serial product is something entirely different. We offer you the energy, technical expertise and desire to help your product satisfy these necessary requirements. Everything from technical innovation and project management to production and verification.


Our concept, and the thing that drives us, is our philosophy of leading the way as regards technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. The desire always to go that little bit further and perform that little bit better, this drives us no matter whether we are talking about technical services, production, verification or following up.

If we don’t have the solution to cope with your product, we make sure that we can resolve the technology and develop the tools or software along the way. This is all achieved via driven and skilled technicians, all of whom are specialists in their field.

Engineers and technicians from larger companies are often pleasantly surprised at the breadth we are able to offer, in the form of technology and our employees’ skills as well as the strength we possess in our extensive range of machinery. This is made possible by the energy, knowledge and flexibility of our skilled employees.

Processing methods and services

One of the market's broadest offer of precision manufacturing. All in-house.

  • Technical development, project management and Cad / Cam
  • Turning, Multifunction machining, FOP machining, 5-axis, Milling, Jig drilling, Long hole drilling
  • Circular Grinding, Hole Grinding, Jig Grinding, Thread Grinding, Tool Grinding, Cam Grinding, Hening
  • Wire sparking, Lower sparking
  • Tooth grinding, Tooth milling, Tooth grinding, Powerskiving, Tooth grinding, Tooth profiling
  • Measuring Machines, Tooth Measuring Machines, Hobby Measuring Machines, Measuring Microscopes, Contourograph, Profile Projector


Project management and participation in products is an increasingly important skill. There is an ongoing trend towards projects becoming larger and larger. The need for continuous communication with our customers’ project teams is a natural part of our working method. From previously having been a separate element, to being the natural approach in our process-governed organisation.

We have switched to a stronger project organisation during 2016, with the aim of clarifying responsibilities, improving project management and monitoring our customers. This is one result of the increasing volume of new projects in various phases and sizes.

Our company possesses historic project expertise, with a mix and breadth that mean that we are always used to working in and being dependent on a constant flow of new projects.

Production preparation

Our preparation staff and technicians can boast a high level of expertise as regards materials and product engineering. Our preparation staff handle a range of parameters, such as choice of manufacturing method, heat treatments, inspection levels and capacity planning, as well as how we manage to make products with the right quality.

Specific CAD/CAM preparation and the programming of our machines are performed by our skilled operators. This is all done with the aim of ensuring extensive expertise, with the best available operators in every location. Greater breadth provides us with greater flexibility, and those who other companies often refer to as “first man engineers” or “production technicians”, we know as operators and specialists. The purpose of all this is to handle a wide range of short production runs and prototype setups.


How can a small company like ours, situated up in the north of Europe, manage year after year to manufacture components with such a high level of precision and at such a technical level. The answer lies in more than 90 years of experience, the expertise of our specialists and our technical knowledge. We are quick, we are flexible and we are constantly adapting to new requirements. Our machines are operated by employees who possess great energy, extensive knowledge and many years of experience. All in a production process governed by projects and customer orders.

And we view every assignment as a new opportunity. We never sit back and feel satisfied with what we have achieved, rather we are always striving to improve in order to reach the next level.

Serial manufacture

Even though we are project-oriented and manufacture a high proportion of prototypes, low-volume manufacture in small runs is also an important part of our manufacturing operation.

We place one of the market’s most extensive ranges of machinery at your disposal for low-volume manufacture. The basis for our manufacture is production governed by customer orders, which provides our customers with the potential to introduce rapid changes and not to build dual stock for which our customers have to accept responsibility. Even though the basis is governed by customer orders, we offer you stock management if this should prove to be a better solution. And always with common sense as our guiding principle and our way of interpreting Lean.