From concept to world-leading products

You won’t find many companies that can supply the services and products that we are offering you. From the concept within your design to prototypes, project management and advanced manufacture, heat treatment and quality control of precision items. Many advanced forms and geometries, or assignments that others turn down. With tolerances down to a thousandth of a millimetre (1 µm or micron). With Mikro-quality, in short.

We work on assignments from customers within the aerospace, defence, energy, industry, automotive and medical engineering sectors. All of which impose stringent demands and high expectations.

Gears & Transmissions

We are specialists in the manufacture of transmissions incorporating high levels of precision, often in a ground version.

Everything from splines, gears, pinion racks, bevel gears and worm gears for complete transmissions. From DIN class 3, module 0.2 to 30, in dimensions ranging from a few millimetres to machine shafts measuring several metres.

Our technical expertise and strong links to development and in-house manufacture of tools make us unique in the sector.

We specialise in gear grinding, thread grinding, power skiving, gear milling and gear shaping.


High precision mechanics

Within fine mechanics, we manufacture a wide variety of items. Many of these come in advanced forms and geometries, all satisfying unique and special requirements. From advanced components in difficult materials for the space industry, to manually honed cylinder bores or technically advanced items such as camshafts.

With tolerances down to a thousandth of a millimetre (1 µm or micron). With Mikro-precision and Mikro-quality, in short.


The manufacture of tools has been one of our cornerstones since the company was first established.

Much of our in-depth expertise is a further refinement of the knowledge and feel of our toolmakers and specialists.

The technical expertise as regards gear manufacture that we gain through our potential to understand, design and manufacture our own gear tools is unique in the sector. All with the aim of being able to adapt our production optimally to your unique requirements.

We are specialists in the field of gear machining tools, short and long lead, sawtooth mills, measuring devices, gauges and fixtures.

Mikro Skiving

Micro Tools Micro Skiving is the Power Skiving concept of Mikroverktyg and SVA Tools. Designed for high quality and high productivity for internal and external switches.

Technology, software, tools and process development through expertise from a single source. Please contact Mikroverktyg for more information.